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Gift Giving Guide for Readers (& Writers)

Looking for the perfect gift ideas for the romance fan in your life? Why not take the suggestions of a romance author? Here is my list of top reads and gifts for Christmas 2021.

Book Lover's Mug. From the charming to the obscence, there are all kinds of varieties of writing-themed mugs to choose from for the book lover on your list. Accompany them with fancy coffees, hot chocolates, or teas for the perfect gift your reader is sure to love.

For the book lover / tea drinker on your list there can never be enough fun and quirky painted tea pots. Since part of the magic of tea is what you serve it in, this gift will be sure to delight.

Who can resist a gorgeous, empty writing journal? This is a great gift for the would-be writers in the family or simply those who want to record the special moments and thoughts of life.

For the romantic on your list. These notebooks are hot, hot, hot! Priced to accommodate any budget, choose from you favourites!

In a variety of colors, this silky, cozy gift is the perfect accompaniement to new titles by your book lover's favourite authors.

Wrap it around your neck and save you eyes -- and possibly also your marriage. This reading light is comfortable and positioned not to disturb others.

There is a wide variety of writing magazines your loved one might enjoy. Simply Google 'writing magazines' and options will pop up.

Author Swag

These days most of your favourite artists don't make money only by selling books. Authors sell everything from stickers, book plates, mugs, shirts, blankets, candles, hats... and so much more. Fans will love gifts depicting their favourite characters and book-themed treats, like these by romantic fantasy author, Lana Pecherczyk. If you know your loved one's favourite author, simply look up their webiste. Chances are, you will have a range of options to choose from.

Picture this, your loved on, sitting in their favourite chair in front of a fire crackling away in the fireplace, wearing the cozy new fleece pajamas you picked out for them. Like these ones, from Victoria Secret. If they are also sipping tea from their new china and reading the new novel you were thoughtful enough to pick for them, then you know they are having one of their best Christmas' yet!

Titles by Various Authors i've Read in 2021

Feauturing 3 series &

11 titles to choose from.

Romance and romantic suspense novels with various heat levels to enjoy.

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