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Honey on My Lips

Award-winning country singer, Dania Maeson, is on top of the world until the night a drunk driver changes everything. The death of her husband, Lance, plunges Dania into a spiral of self-destruction. Now, three years later, Dania is sober, is living with her sister's family in the tiny Okanagan community of Oyama, and is teaching music for a living. She has found peace and contentment, but both are about to be challenged. Dania has agreed to sing at the fundraiser for a sick child, and she is battling nerves. Seeking tranquility, she flees to the beach, and there she encounters Brandon Salinger, a good-looking carpenter with a past of his own. For Brandon, meeting Dania rocks him from the start. He's never been much of a country music fan, so he may be the only person in town who has never heard of Dania or her band, Wench. He also may be the only person in town unaware of the dark moments in Dania's past. It's fairly obvious, though, that parts of that past aren't quite ready to let go of Dania. But is Dania ready to let go of them? Will her brief return to the stage spark a need for more of the old glory, or is she ready for a different future with a man who wants to love her? It's time for Dania to forgive the past, and chose the future that is right for her.




Rock Bottom Ranch

A 2018 NaNoWriMo winner!

Pearl Robinson, former barrel racing champion and rodeo queen, is barren, newly divorced, and is moving back to her home town to begin a new job working as a wrangler at a ranch owned by former town bad boy, Tim Wenger. For Tim, life got real when his younger brother was convicted of manslaughter and sentenced to fifteen years in jail. Now, Tim works to help other troubled teens with a combination of equine therapy and counselling. Bringing Pearl on is a great business decision, but adds some complications to his personal life, since he's crushed on Pearl since high school. And to Tim, Pearl looks every bit as good now as she did then. Rock Bottom Ranch is currently being considered for publication.

Shutter's Eye


At the age of 14, Amy Callaghan narrowly escapes death when Shad's Electronics Store -- where she is shopping  -- is blown up. The racially-motivated act of terrorism is never solved, and Amy and Jamila -- the only surviving member of the Shad family -- stay in touch. Fifteen years later, Amy is now an award-winning photographer, and her childhood friend is getting married.

A week before the wedding, Jamila is stabbed by an attacker, and although her wounds aren't life threatening, she needs Amy to help with last minute wedding prep. Since some of that prep involves her fiance Abe's side of the guest list, Jamila decides Amy will need the help of best man, Zander.

And ho boy, is the gorgeous Zander willing and ready to help!



Coming in 2023

For Raewyn Goldwin, her new job as a gallery assistant is a dream come true. Everywhere she looks she finds inspiration. Every day coming into work is a joy. Surrounded by creative, talented co-workers, Raewyn couldn't be happier. Right up to the day, that is, that the collection of the decade goes missing. As one of three new hires, Raewyn finds herself one of the chief suspects for the heist -- and of those three, Raewyn is the only one without an alibi. Watch for it in 2022.

Love Like a Girl

Heather has always had an easier time understanding animals than people. So, it's probably a no-brainer that she runs an animal rescue. She loves as fiercely as her rescues need and deserve -- a trait that hasn't gone unnoticed by the man she considers her nemesis, developer, Ethan Blake.


Even back when they met in law school, Ethan and Heather were always on the opposite side of every argument. Now it's even worse -- because Blake's family business has moved into town. And developing the land across from Heather's home just might shut Heather's rescue down.  



That Monday Feeling 

NaNoWriMo 2023


Rory Quinn's life has taken a sudden downturn. Her boyfriend has dumped her right before a planned vacation, her co-workers take her for granted, and she really needs something to zap her out of the low where she's been sinking. What better way to get a lift than to go on the vacation she had planned -- even if she's going to be there for the weekend by herself? Except, the little lakeside town of Silver Falls is quite a bit less lonely than she expected. It's possible Rory has landed in the friendliest small town on the planet -- and all of it led by the undeniably attractive, Brodie Thorne. Is it possible that this one weekend offers more than just a pick up for Rory's heart? Because somehow, one weekend is all it takes for this jem of a town to feel like home. (cover image coming soon.)


Wrong Girl For the Job

in the planning stages.

Lacey Donaghue knows nothing about... well, most things. She went from being the pampered daughter of big-city royalty to being the pampered wife of celebrity chef, Michael Bodain.

When her father dies unexpectedly and it is revealed that he has gambled away the family money a week after Michael's rampant infidelity splashes all over tabloid covers, Lacey is left spinning. She's determined to go it alone and make her own way in the world. Who needs a man, anyway? Except, it turns out, Lacey's eggs have all been in the proverbial basket. She has precisely zero marketable skills, and she is well on her way to having all her eggs irrevocably scrambled. 

Make Me Wanna

in the planning stages.

Katarina Kovolenko is an elite horse trainer. Nothing else has ever mattered to her quite so much as the amazing equines she has in her care. Things on her to do list include training the next Triple Crown winner, and... no, that's the full list. Things on her Not to Do List include Do Not Lust after stable owner David Kensington !!!, Do not Sleep with stable owner David Kensington 111, and, for the love of all that's holy, Do Not Fall in Love with stable owner David Kensington 111. Unfortunately, the man in question has a radically different to do list -- with her at the very top of the list. And with David's attention focused on her, Katarina's Don't Do list may prove even more ambitious than her To Do quest. 


in the planning stages

When the last of Reagan's kids leaves home, she plunges into a who-am-I-now funk. Along with her best friend Joanna, and her newly divorced sister, Gabriella, she sets out on a journey of rediscovery. 

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