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About Macfarlane Creative



Macfarlane Creative started off as the website of author/editor/photographer Leigh Macfarlane. As Leigh's writing direction has grown, so has this website. While you still can find -- and always will find -- Leigh Macfarlane's romance, romantic suspense, and travel books at this site, Leigh has decided to separate her fiction and non-fiction writing. In the future, Leigh Macfarlane non-fiction will be written under the pen-name, L.M. Penner. You will be able to find LM Penner books here and at the Wisdom Well Blog website. 

Over the next few years, Leigh is writing How To books on writing, and she will be turning those books into online courses for you to purchase and enjoy. With a Master's degree in Fine Arts in Creative Writing, Leigh is excited to revisit academic topics. You will find the educational products at The Backwoods Writer which maintains a section on this site and also has its own separate website, The Backwoods Writer. 

As well, Leigh will continue to pursue her love of photography, and will pair it with travel books. And when she has 'free' time, you will find Leigh blogging at The Wisdom Well at LMCreates on topics ranging from gardening, to cooking, to eek - ageing! 

So, what can you expect going forward at Macfarlane Creative?


1. Experiments! We will be making changes to the site, then will evaluate how well they work. This means, you might see a new feature, and then it might be gone. If you like something we do, drop us a line and let us know so we keep it around. 

2. At least three new book launches every year. For the time being, one of those will be a Backwoods Writer how to book, one will be a Leigh Macfarlane novel, and one will be a LM Penner non-fiction. On exceptionally industrious years, there may even be more.

3. Courses! That's right. For the next few years, expect one new How To Write Course per year.

4. AUDIOBOOKS! For a long time, this has been on the agenda. This summer, Beer Drinking God Talking Girl, by LM Penner, will launch as an audiobook. Cue the band!

Over the next years, we will be working to turn our backlist into audiobook format. Have favourites? Let us know, and we will start there. 

5. Direct Sales. This has also been on the agenda for awhile now. Leigh briefly tried to create a store here for eBooks only, but this time, we are going to have more selections, and more payment methods for all our digital products. We also will be launching here FIRST, so if you are excited for a book, keep checking out this space. 

Please note, for the time being, Macfarlane Creative Newslette has been suspended until we have some of these goals met. 


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