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Project File: Pallet Furniture

Last week, I accepted a challenge to blog every day for a month. Then we had a long weekend, and I totally forgot all about it. So, yesterday was day one. However, I have two websites! So, I've kind of come up with the brilliant plan to alternate days -- one day there, one day here. 'There' is The Backwoods Writer, for those interested.

Next month, I plan to pay the fees to get the domain name etc. for that site so I can start really providing a site all about the how to's of writing. So, head over there and join the membership, but just know that the site still has some work to be done.

Speaking of work! Today's weather forecast was rain. Today's weather was sunny with a nice breeze. Perfect for building pallet furniture! Recently I created a list of things I need to do this summer, ranging from publishing various books, selling them at farmer's markets, prepping up my summer sale for all of you, all the way to tearing down an addition on my house that is in rough shape, creating a She Shed just for meeeeeee, and making pallet furniture. There are over 50 items on my list. Two have been crossed off. (Falkland Stampede and create the advertisements for my next novel release, Art Heist - coming June 16!). Today, I got to work on the pallet furniture! I am itchy from head to toe (must shower the sawdust off me), and super happy with the result. I still need to make a second sofa like this one -- probably tomorrow's plan -- and I need to make the cushions for the bench. Stlll, I love the way it turned out. What do you think?

Here's a link to yesterday's blog. This is gonna be a chatty, daily ramblings kind of blog series. If you follow it all, you should get a decent impression of the ins and outs of my real daily life. Enjoy!

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