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Leigh Macfarlane Author
2024 Releases

Launching August 2024

What if you had a vacation booked with your guy, but he dumped you instead? Would you mope, stew, plan his demise, cry yourself to sleep at night? OR, would you pack that new lingerie you bought for the trip, kiss a complete stranger behind a waterfall, and have the time of your life?


Rory thinks she's the kind of girl to do the former, but turns out she might just prove herself wrong about that. And she's having the kind of vacation that might even change her life.

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Available Now

Landscape Oil Paintings


M.K. Penner was a 737 Captain by trade and a Canadian landscape oil painter into the wee hours of the morning.  He started painting to heal from the death of his brother and continued painting for the next six decades. 


This art memoir contains his story and his tips and also includes more than one hundred and fourty images of that artist's work and life.

Leigh Macfarlane

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Leigh Macfarlane is a Canadian author of romance and romantic suspense novels of varying heat levels. Her books feature sexy men, women who are discovering their own strength, and animals. Lots of animals. Most of Leigh's novels are set in the Canadian province of British Columbia.

Leigh is the original Macfarlane Creative author. She also writes travel memoirs and the occassional biography.

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