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A few years ago, I was contracted to create several writing courses. I had them all written and ready to go, but for various reasons, plans changed. They never happened. Around the same time, my parents gave me a trailer and set me up on the back of their twenty acres with a relaxing, quiet place to hide away and write. I became The Backwoods Writer.

Because it was a quiet and uninterrupted space, I also messed around with creating a few training videos using my iPhone on a tripod which I balanced between my knees. Later, I edited the videos on iMovie. Pretty low tech. But, the beginning of an idea was formed. I would write a book -- maybe a couple of books -- on the ins and outs of writing, and those books would become the textbooks for courses on writing which I could offer online. As it goes, I determined I simply did not have time to fully commit to the project, so I put it on the back burner for future development. 

That is where it has remained. Now, I am gearing up to once again work towards creating an educational department within LMCreates. That educational space will be The Backwoods Writer.


I am just beginning to make plans on topics to cover, courses to develop, and techniques to employ. Watch this space and join the Backwoods Writer Newsletter for updated details as they become available over the next year.

Writing a Novel: coming Late 2023
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