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Leigh Macfarlane is a Canadian author of romance and romantic suspense novels and of travel books. Leigh is the mother of four adult children, and she is the pet momma of Sabertooth the cat and Lily the dog. Her first job was mucking out stalls at a Standardbred race track, and there have been an abundance of different employers since then. Every job taught something new, and every job added usable content for Leigh's novels. Leigh considers herself fortunate to live in the Okanagan Valley of British Columbia, and even if she doesn't quite live on the waterfront, she is barely five minutes away. 

Leigh's passion for photography shows up in her travel books. Some of Leigh's prints are available for purchase. 

Writing as The Backwoods Writer, Leigh is able to utilize her Master's of Fine Arts Degree in Creative Writing to pass her knowledge about writing and editing on to other creatives.

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L. M. Penner is fascinated with understanding the world around her, from the smallest to the largest detail. One of her core beliefs is that life is most interesting when you are learning new things, and this is one of the reasons why she writes non-fiction. 


As the newest author at Macfarlane Creative, L. M. Penner looks forward to sharing life lessons and thoughts on spirituality with her readers. 


Leigh Macfarlane is the Backwoods Writer. As well as writing novels, Leigh also has a BFA in English Literature and a Master of Fine Arts Degree in Creative Writing. Before Covid, Leigh was contracted to teach courses in Creative Writing, but these courses didn't happen. Still, Leigh had them prepped up, so she has decided to turn the contents she had ready for class into a series of books and online courses. The first of these books, The Backwoods Writer, Writing a Novel, launches in September of 2024, with the online course following in January of 2025.

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