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Near & Far Magazine Series

Feathers in the Snow

A Near and Far Magazine Novel

First book in a Christmas Trilogy -- Feathers in the Snow -- Launched in honour of Leigh's birthday on December 3, 2019. Isla Samms and her twin sister Melissa started up Near and Far Travel Magazine together, and it is a dream come true for both. Knowing they need a hit for their inaugural Christmas edition, the sisters and their business partner, Augusta Merchand, decide to take three separate vacations. At first Isla is convinced she got the bum deal when Mellie arranges a surf school vacation for herself, and Isla gets stuck spending her holiday freezing her butt off at a local equestrian centre. Her opinion begins to change when gruff, enigmatic former rodeo cowboy, J.T. Cooper walks into the kitchen where Isla is stealing stew, and it is lust at first sight. When Isla meets J.T.'s passion in the form of the Clydesdale horses he breeds, she falls in love with the gentle giants. Before her time is up at the ranch, she realizes her feelings for the cowboy aren't far behind.

Santa's Surf School

A Near and Far Christmas Novel

Launching December 2020

Mellie's dream vacation in California is not going the way she expected. Not only did the airline lose her luggage, not only did she get a sunburn on day one, not only has her best attempt at surfing ended with her doing a first-rate face plant into the California sand, now she has literally stumbled into her ex. And since Mellie is the one woman he's never been able to get out of his head, this time, Travis doesn't plan to let her get away. 

Whiskey and Mistletoe

A Near and Far Christmas Novel

Launching December 2021

No one planned for Augusta Chamberlain to be alone while playing host to potential advertising client, Joshua McLaughlin. It just sort of happened that way. As did the insane chemistry lighting up the winter air around them. Still, for Auggie, it is important to remember she needs to land Josh as a client of Near and Far Magazine. Ending up in bed with the man is not the way to go about it. Falling in love with him? Seriously messed up. 

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