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Available June 8

Beer Drinking God Talking Girl

LM Penner is a lapsed Protestant. (Is that even a thing?) For better or worse, though, her thoughts on faith are informed by her Christian upbringing, and this book of creative non-fiction essays reflects that fact.

The essays in this book discuss heavy topics like suicide, controversial topics like the current status of the evangelical church, the suprisingly deep topic of Christmas carols, and inspirational topics like the spirtuality of trees, of finding your destiny, of aging, and of birds. Plus more.

Beer Drinking God Talking Girl starts with a death, and it ends with forgiveness -- not unlike the Christian tradition, itself. Perhaps LM Penner is not such a lapsed believer, after all. How about you?

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Coming Spring 2025

The Joyful Gardener

for Beginner Gardeners of British Columbia

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L.M. Penner


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L.M. Penner is a Canadian author of non-fiction books about topics ranging from spirituality, to travel, to everyday living. She is writing this biography while waiting for the vet to call and tell her Lily the dog is out of surgery. Basically, buy a book, help pay the vet bills!

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