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For Better For Worse

I stand at the precipice of writing my first wedding scene. Well, okay, I've written snippets. This is different, though. This is the whole shebang. The entire shindig.

You, the reader, have spoken. You want to see the main characters tie the knot. So, for better or worse, here we go...

So, right now, here is the list of things in my mind:

Where is the venue?

What is the bride going to wear?

Who are the attendants?

Is there drama?


Of course, there is drama! Has there ever been a drama-free wedding? Doubtful. The drama in this book, though, is coming from an unexpected source. So, back to the questions...

What kind of flowers are we carrying?

What kind of food are we eating?

This series is based around a café owner -- is she catering the event?

What kind of kiss is this couple going to share? Juicy or sweet and shy?

Is the groom going to cry when she walks down the aisle? (well, duh)

What else? If you can think of anything I've missed, let me know in the comments!

Most of all, since this event is happening within a different couple's story, how will the big day play out in their love affair? To find out, you will have to check our Wild Racing Heart, which, sadly is being postponed until a January 2023 launch date. But trust me, this one is going to be worth the wait!

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