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Story Excerpt: Cassidy & Ian - Sunflowers and Sweet Peas

Updated: Aug 10, 2020

Rough Draft excerpt from Sunflowers and Sweet Peas -- second book in the Peachland Passions Series, coming 2021.

- from Chapter 10

Ian Roshan was a freaking god in the sack.

Who knew?

Her body still throbbed from the night before. That was a delightful way to wake up. Her heart gave this one pathetic little hitch when she woke up to find herself alone in his bed. That little uncalled-for jolt of emotion was not.

“This is just sex,” Cassidy said into the silence of Ian’s room. Flipping up the covers so she could peek inside and address her naked body, she added, “That is rule number one, and don’t you even think about forgetting it. Not you,” she addressed her right boob, “And not you, either,” she said to the left. “Definitely not you down there.”

“This is not just sex.”

At the sound of Ian’s voice inside the room, Cass froze with her head still underneath the covers. At her side, the bed sank slightly with his weight, and her belly quivered when the weight of his arm curved around her waist. Slowly, she peeked out from underneath the blankets to look out at him. His freaking beautiful eyes were glowing down at her, the amusement plain to see. He did, however, redeem himself from his rude eavesdropping and his potentially lifespan-shortening amusement when he held a paper sack with the Walking Walrus’ logo on it and swung the bag in front of her nose.

“It’s sex and breakfast,” Ian said. Then he leaned forward and kissed the tip of her nose.

In an instant, both her embarrassment at being caught out talking to her body parts and her commitment to being a commitment-phobe fled out the window and left stark, raving-mad indignation in their place.

“What was that? After last night at the lake, and then on the counter, and here, in this bed… Just what kind of kiss was that, Ian Roshan?”

He grinned at her, deposited the bag on top of her chest. “There’s coffee, too,” Ian said, standing up, “But it’s in the other room, so you have to get up if you want some.”

“And,” Cass threw out after him as he walked out of the room, “Against the wall. Don’t forget that one.”

Ian grinned, but he kept walking and he didn’t turn around. That one had been one of his favourite moments from last night. Not much chance that he’d forget.

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