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Whiskey & Mistletoe

Excerpt Chapter Three:

So, since it was Mellie who’d gotten her into this mess to begin with, it was Mellie’s room Auggie had chosen for Josh. She’d done so knowing that as fly-by-the-seat-of-her-pants as Mellissa was in most areas of life, she was jealously protective of her personal space. Putting Joshua up in Mellie’s own room was a trifle vindictive.

And downright satisfying.

Except for one small problem. Auggie chewed on her bottom lip as she considered.

The only downside to the small victory was the tiny little fact, unconsidered in the moment, that Mellie’s room was located directly beside her own. Meaning, Joshua McLaughlin was now far too near.

Uncomfortable with the thought, Augusta picked up the phone she’d thrown onto her bed and ripped off a follow-up text, this time to the other Samms sister.

Auggie: Well, your sister’s really gone and done it now.

Isla: Oh, brilliant! You got your present.

Auggie: …

Auggie: I feel it is my duty to inform you that post-coital you is quite annoyingly unreliable.

Isla: Quite so. I own that entirely. Although, more accurately, pre-coital at the moment. J.T. was just getting started tending to that problem. Are you taking Joshua to your party tonight? Do be a dear and try to get him to sign the contract before you get to the sexy stuff. But when you do get there, I want details before you give them to my sister.

Augusta: Who are you, and what have you done with Isla?

Isla: Quite. I blame J.T. And, by the by, I’m told my hands are needed elsewhere at present. Ta ta for now…

She couldn’t help the little laugh which escaped as she stared at the phone. Still, there were no words. Just no words!

She startled at the sound of the knock on her door.


Auggie froze in place on the edge of the bed and eyed the door with the look of one hoping the person on the other side might just go away.

“He’s important.” She murmured the reminder under her breath, then hissed her opinion. “Bloody pain in my backside.”

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