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Reader Update

It's been a busy few weeks in my life -- so busy that I haven't done any real writing. I've been neglecting this blog, for example. So, here's a tiny update and a look ahead at things to come.

I have eight shifts left at the daycare where I work, and then I will be down to one job only. The intention is to maximize the time this frees up with writing and living in a manner facilitating writing. AKA -- expect lots of writing to fill these pages in the near future.

Several weeks ago, I interviewed June Alexander about her business, Sugar-Free Please. June is a local entrepreneur with a line of gluten-free and sugar-free snack foods. She is also my sister, so I get to sample her cooking at family dinners, and I can say, her treats taste great! I now have the notes from this interview transposed and organized into three different outlines. One article will be about the dietary considerations she facilitates, one about starting up a business, and one about the feasibility of cookbook writing. Stay tuned!

This past weekend, my other sister and her hubbie took me on a road trip to see The Eagles in concert. This was part Christmas gift, part best-brother-in-law moment (it was his idea). Yesterday, all the trip photos were downloaded to Shutterstock and should be available soon. Of course, I took notes on our excursion, and these are now also separated into several different outlines: Road Tripping 101 (where I reveal the importance of details like zipping all luggage compartments so your close don't dump all over the sidewalk - like mine did), Hell Really Can Freeze Over (an article about aging musicians and getting along as band members generally), Travel Photography and the Missed Opportunity, and The Health Realities of life on the road. I'll be working on these articles soon.

As well, my novel is now on chapter twelve of the rough draft -- roughly a third of the way through. I'm not going to meet my 'goal' of completing the draft before summer, but I am pleased with how it is shaping up.

So, all in all, despite the recent dry spell, I have a lot of projects on the go. I look forward to sharing them with you soon!

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