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Thankful for the Writers

Today I am feeling thankful.

As a kid, my family moved a lot. There are times from my childhood where I can't tell you where we lived when. I had to constantly make new friends and go to new schools. That created both strengths and weaknesses in my life.

First, I'm adaptable. I'm generally flexible. I learned to be happy with my own company, to prioritize family, to see life as an adventure. Second, I learned to crave deep roots and managed to give those to my own children as a result. And Thirdly, I also experienced a feeling of never truly belonging, having one foot in multiple worlds at all times.

Until, that is, I attended a writer's conference several years ago. While there, I was overwhelmingly struck with the feeling that I'd finally found my 'tribe.' The people I met there were just like me. We all wanted to sit down and talk books, and writing, and plotting, and marketing. I fit right in. Although I remain happy with my own company and generally do my writing at home alone rather than writing in a group, I treasure the writers I have met. You all make me feel like I am not alone. Not the only one.

Of the writers I have met, though, here where I live, I think I'm the only one writing romance. I've been hungry to get to know other romance writers. This year, I've felt fortunate to join several Facebook groups designed for romance writers. One of them is a Canadian group. Although they are mainly located in Eastern Canada (and I'm way out West), it just makes me glad to be part of the group -- again, I've met more of my people!

I'm feeling this way today because tomorrow I am part of an event, the Great Canadian Author Hunt, put on by this group of romance writers, and I have nothing to do except show up for all the fun. How great is that?! So, today, I'm feeling grateful.

Thanks tribe!

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