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Christmas Movie Recommendations 2021

Christmas time is a magical time of year. Family gathers, huge amounts of food are consumed, gifts are given... and super sappy movies rule the channels. Looking for some easy viewing seasonal gems? Here is my list of suggestions for you.

It's a Wonderful Life

If you'd never been born, what would the world look like? George Bailey gets a chance to find out, courtesy of guardian angel, Clarence.

Love Actually

A romantic comedy following the relationships of eight couples at Christmas.

The Holiday

Home swaps lead to new romances for two women with very different lives.

Four Christmases

Family is what Christmas is all about, but this couple is trying to visit all four of their divorced parents at Christmas.


Bill Murray does Dickens. Visited by three spirits of Christmases who come bearing lessons to be learned.

Home Alone

When an eight-year-old is accidentally left home alone, he does everything he can to protect his home from would-be burglars.

The Family Stone

Opposites might attract, but fitting into the family can be a trick. A business woman finds this out when she meets her boyfriend's family over Christmas.

Hometown Holiday

City meets country in this Harlequin love story.

A Very Country Christmas

Stardom has its price, and this country singer returns to his roots -- and finds true love along the way.

Love Hard

Falling in love online is a risky business, and this Netflix movie shows us why.

Christmas Inheritance

A rich heiress is given a letter to deliver to small-town America before she can become CEO of her father's company. Once there, though, she falls in love with one man... while still engaged to another.

The Santa Clause

Don't kill Santa Claus... unless you want to become Santa Claus!

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