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Macfarlane Creative
Story of the Blog

We are Growing!

Leigh Macfarlane began this blog back in 2018 when her first romance novel was published. Sometimes, when you've said all you want to say, you have to change things up. That is what is happening at Macfarlane Creative blog right now.

As a writer, some of your time is spent in researching topics for your books. For Leigh, that has led to new growth in her own life, and she wants to share some of those stories with you. This blog, though, is fairly complete as it is. So, please enjoy all the posts here at Macfarlane Creative Blog. You may find some are soon archived. You may also find that a new blog post pops up occasionally. But, if you are interested in something with a different flavour, we would like to invite you to join us at our new blog, The Wisdom Well at LM Creates. 

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