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Book 4 in the Peachland Passions Series

Owen Pankratz has seen Asha Jones around town. She's pretty, athletic, and single, and Peachland is a small place. So, yeah, Owen knows who she is. Somehow, though, he never realized the woman who teaches yoga at the seniors centre is also a physiotherapist by trade. Then his cousin, Alicia, leaves her husband, and Owen is injured while preventing Biff from attacking Alicia. With less than two months until Owen is meant to be running the Penticton Ironman triathlon, he is going to need Asha's services to make that happen. With a brother whose head injuries lead him to compulsive behaviour issues, Asha has her own problems. She also has immense respect for the way Owen is chasing his recovery. It isn't long before the solid strength of the man has her questioning who is healing whom. Now, if only it wasn't so inappropriate to tell him how she feels.

Wild Racing Heart

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