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In this Box Set get all four Lakeland Series novels. Follow all of Colleen and Abbie's adventures!

Gilmore Girls meets Stephanie Plum


Book One - The Heart of Things.

When a loose dog interrupts Abbie's soccer game, returning the dog to its home puts Colleen and Abbie into the sights of a killer.


Book Two - The Way of Things

A murderer is targeting the realtors of Lake Country -- and his first victim is  Colleen's best friend, Anna.


The Best of Things Book Three

Things get intense at Zara Vineyard when a worker is found raped and murdered. With the death so close to home, Abbie takes it upon herself to try to catch the killer.


Book Four - The Merry Kind of Things 

It's time for happily ever after! First, though, the rash of burglaries in Lake Country has led to murder, and Drew suspects the drug trade is to blame.

The Lakeland Series Box Set

  • PDF

  • Romantic Suspense

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