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Award-winning country singer, Dania Maeson, is on top of the world until the night a drunk driver changes everything. The death of her husband, Lance, plunges Dania into a spiral of self-destruction. Now, three years later, Dania is sober, is living with her sister's family in the tiny Okanagan community of Oyama, and is teaching music for a living. She has found peace and contentment, but both are about to be challenged. Dania has agreed to sing at the fundraiser for a sick child, and she is battling nerves. Seeking tranquility, she flees to the beach, and there she encounters Brandon Salinger, a good-looking carpenter with a past of his own. For Brandon, meeting Dania rocks him from the start. He's never been much of a country music fan, so he may be the only person in town who has never heard of Dania or her band, Wench. He also may be the only person in town unaware of the dark moments in Dania's past. It's fairly obvious, though, that parts of that past aren't quite ready to let go of Dania. But is Dania ready to let go of them? Will her brief return to the stage spark a need for more of the old glory, or is she ready for a different future with a man who wants to love her? It's time for Dania to forgive the past, and chose the future that is right for her.

Honey on my Lips

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