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NaNo 2020

November 1, and here we go!

To most at Chambers High, Amy Callaghan and Jamila Shad seem like an odd couple. The thing is, Amy, whose father is a high profile defense attorney, knows what it feels like to be ostracized. So, with her dark skin and Muslim faith, does Jamila. Being outsiders forges a bond between these two, and at fourteen, they are best friends for life.

Then the bombing happens.

Jamila's family is targeted, and Jami is the only survivor -- and that only because she had left the family store to take a lunch break with Amy.

Twelve years later, Jamila is a social worker about to marry the love of her life, and Amy, now a famous photographer is coming home for the wedding. She could hardly expect that the rookie cop who held her back when she tried to wander into the still-burning wreckage of the Shad's store will end up back in her life. She would never dream that she'd want -- need -- to keep him there.

With themes of faith, love, acceptance, PTSD, enduring friendship, and the concept of love thy neighbor, Shutter's Eye is a story of love triumphing over hate, of acceptance beating out bigotry, of faith as a sustaining and motivating practice... and it is my NaNoWriMo project for 2020!

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