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In Five Minutes or Less

I live in Canada, eh. Which, on this fine December morning means that although I got up at 8:30 am, nothing much went according to plan. That was due to all the white stuff that fell overnight.

I actually got up to have a phone chat with my sister, but that got delayed, so while I waited, I did a little bit of yoga, shoveled the driveway, brushed about a foot of snow off my car, had a bit of breakfast, then got made up for the day job.

Since I also have this one less than desirable trait inherited from the Irish side, I also woke up with a screaming headache. Three pills, a vibrating neck massager, a coffee and a cup of water later, I am mostly human again.

None of which was conducive to getting actual writing done today. Also, since I live in Canada, I'll be leaving for work early since I have snowy roads to navigate.

All of that was a lot like my entire month of December, if you want to know the truth. Cookies to bake, house to clean, presents to wrap, turkey to cook, turkey hangover to sleep off, family bubble to hug... all of it has led to the conclusion that as a writer, December is now officially my month off. I'll use it to tidy up lose ends, maybe do a little marketing, maybe a few edits here and there -- and send a shout out to all of you!

Hope everyone of you readers had a wonderful holiday season. Two more days until it's nananana hey hey good bye 2020!

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